Waff Medium - White 99 cm diameter once inflated

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  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
  • Waff Medium - White
Waff Medium - White
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What are all the Fitness and Sport Professionals in Europe and USA using?

"Swissball, Bosuball are so last year … I now do Waff®."

Developed in France using advanced 3D technology, it is now used by massage therapists, doctors, sports paramedics, physical trainers, elite athletes and other professionals all around the world.

An uncomplicated fun, safe, effective and invigorating way to get in shape!

The next step up in size from Waff® Mini to add even more variety and challenge yourself.

  • An almost unlimited range of exercises;
  • Work on your balance, posture and tonicity;
  • Shorter, more efficient and focused workouts;
  • Feel immediate sensations and direct response;
  • Ease stress, pain and discomfort in your joints with reduced impact;
  • Take it everywhere with you: inflate and deflate within seconds;

Waff® is suitable for all ages and shapes.

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Additional Features

Medium Diameter: 99 cm once inflated
Height: 35cm
Weight: 1.8 kilos
Others: Universal valves

If you would like to know more about this product, please contact this seller directly.

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