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Agatha J Springs

Agatha J Springs Jewellery

AGATHA Paris was founded by Michel Quiniou, who was inspired to create a brand of fashion jewellery that bridged the gap between luxury boutiques and nondescript, lacklustre chain stores.

Back in 1974, he launched his line of fashion jewellery with an unusual goal in mind: to transform cheap into chic. The name of the brand - AGATHA - Michel Quiniou wanted a name that suggested the notion of "pretty jewellery" and was a girl's name beginning with 'A', as well as sounding similar to the natural stone, agate - all in one word, and thus AGATHA was born.

AGATHA Paris appeals to everyone, whatever their age, its rule is "for everybody, without exception, from 7 to 77". In the pipeline is AGATHA Paris' 6 seasonal collections based on Paris runway, a launch of its AGATIME watches collection, MiNi Gold, and many other projects.

Agatha continues to bewitch, as its magic sweeps into every corner of the planet.

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