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Casio J Springs

Casio J Springs Jewellery

Casio did not start out as a watch specific company, but instead started as a calculator specific company. Casio really only entered the watch making market after the electronic watch revolution. It was on the strength of expertise in electronics, developed from their calculator development background, which paved the way for Casio to make inroads into the watch making markets. Casio has continually progressed the watch making market by developing its skills in the electronic markets.

The G-shock ranges of watches are aimed at the active sports enthusiast, and to date, the G-Shock and Baby-G (G-Shock for Women) are the most popular range of Casio's.. The G-Shock are extremely tough sturdy watches, which come in a wide range of sporty styles for both men and women.

The G-Shock watches have a variety of sports training functions available on each G-Shock. It is this range of functions and the tough sturdy construction of the G-Shock that has made it so popular with the sports enthusiasts. Since its release the G-Shock has continually raised the profile of Casio as a maker of fine quality watches.

The founders of Casio, Tadao Kashio and family, have also been active in sponsoring sports events and contributing to a foundation to aid business development of new ideas.

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