nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock



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About nanoblock

nanoblock™ is designed to explore more of the funs and creations of the Japanese building toys - nanoblock™, the smallest block toy in the world.

This amazingly micro sized block allows youngsters and elders to create life style products and build a beautiful privately owned decorative time telling gadget.

You can build a superb design by an imagination, it can be an informal education to be conducted to your young family member and evolve as a hobby as well.

The goodies of nanoblocktime products is that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor personality. The indoor users can enjoy the quietness and privacy by performing the superb design making the final products outstanding and charming whereas the outdoor users can wear and display the final assembled trendy watches and glasses in vogue.

Since the nanoblocktime product idea reflects fun, fashion, energetic and trendy, so its fans may fall into a broad age spectrum ranging from the teenagers to the elderly.

  • nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
  • nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
  • nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
  • nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
  • nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
nanoblock Merry Christmas Wall Clock - The Sun
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Wall Clock
nanoblock wall clock is licensed nanoblock product.
The wall clock is quartz movement with 3 sweep hands covered by thin sliding glass. There are 5 beautiful colors for customers choice.
The wall clock enriches nanoblock to have more fun. One can use his own idea to make an unique wall clock by adding nanoblocks to set patterns as well as putting nanoblock figure on to the clock.
The wall clock comes with an instruction manual indicating different decorating on dial. Various patterns can be found on our website

Additional Features

Dimension: Case - 300 x 300 x 54 mm
Weight: 1050 gm

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