Cougar Fire Tulip Shampoo - Red



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Cougar Fire Tulip Shampoo - Red
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The Fire Tulip Shampoo contains natural plant extracts which help to keep your hair looking healthy, restored and thickened. This shampoo effectively fortifies the hair and reduces hair loss. With the added benefit of extreme heat protection up to 220?C, it protects against the use of heat and can be used on human hair extensions.?? Our active ingrediens of Fire Tulip and Procapil provides hair loss treatment for Men and Women. Thickens the hair root and follicle, creating a longer, fuller head of hair.? Can be used on extensions. ? 0.1% of the active ingredient Procapil for hair thickening, and prevention of hair loss.

Additional Features

Volume: 200ml
Weight: 200g

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